Perfect 16 installed in the attic 

Another happy Perfect 16 owner

2 systems we installed in a new home with a child that suffers from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

For allergies and asthma.  Hooks up to your air conditioning system

For allergies and asthma.  Home or office use

Health Pro Series- #1 Room Air Purifier

Proven protection against viruses, bacteria, disinfectants, and mercury vapors

Dental Series-  Specific for dental offices

The GC MultiGas packs the chemical removal power of more than 100 gas masks into its filter cartridges.

GC Mulitgas-   #1Room air purifier  for  MCS (mulitiple chemical sensitivity), odors & smoke

Perfect 16 #1 whole house purifier

IQAir is a Swiss manufacturer of ultra-high efficiency air purifiers for the world’s most critical environments. Fifty years ago, IQAir founded the air purifier industry. Today, IQAir systems are the #1 choice in hospitals around the world the help stop the spread of infectious diseases such as SARS, MRSA, tuberculosis, Avian flu and many others. They are also used by the military to protect delicate electronic equipment, in museums to protect priceless antiquities, in clean rooms – anywhere the highest standard of air purification is required.